Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...a race recap. The North Face ECS Marathon - Pine Mountain

The Good
1) Unbelievably awesome/beautiful course in southern Georgia. The trail was technical as hell with plenty of roots and rocks just begging to grab your toes and send you flying!
2) Awesome race volunteers. Special shout out to the Pine Mountain Trail Association for prepping the trails for us!
3) Great race organization! My thanks to The North Face ECS staff for all their hard work, especially race director Nick Moore.
4) Picture perfect weather on race day.
5) Awesome runners village.
6) Great post race meal.
7) My friend, Cathy, finished 3rd overall in the women's marathon!!!!!
8) Partnered with The North Face to be one of their bloggers for the event.
9) Ran a marathon in my 15th different state. (Quest for all 50)
10) Finished my 34th marathon.
Always run with my dad's initials on me. 34 is my family's lucky number.
The Bad
1) Tripped at mile 2.
2) Got stung by a yellow jacket at mile 4. (Little bastard hurt)
3) Rolled my right ankle (thankfully not bad) one too many times.
4) Took a wrong turn at mile 15. (Doh!)

The Ugly
1) Ran out of water in my pack before reaching the 3rd aid station at mile 17. (I should of refilled at the 2nd aid station, but I thought I had enough)
2) Got stomach cramps at mile 15.
3) My race turned into more a hike after mile 21.
4) Stomach cramps migrated to my back.
5) Unable to take full breaths from mile 22 to the end. (Thanks to my horrible cramps)
6) Found a nice rock to sit on at mile 24.
7) Made friends with the medics at the mile 25 aid station. (Thanks for your help, Diana!)
8) Finished in 6 hours, 27 minutes and 19 seconds. Long day!

Garmin Upload

Unfortunately, I didn't have the day I was hoping for. That's running. It happens. As one runner said, "Failure will only whet the runner's appetite for another attempt." Looking forward to ECS San Francisco in December!!!

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