Sunday, February 10, 2013

I run because...

Running is a never ending journey that allows us to discover inner strengths we didn't know existed. This discovery has a tremendous impact on our life. We start to realize that the impossible is possible, not only in running, but in all aspects of our lives.

I call my blog "I run because..." because I feel that each post I write expresses all the reasons why I run. The other week, I reached out to the running community on Twitter and asked them to finish their own "I run because..." sentence. Below are their inspiring responses. Thanks to all that participated in this fun post!

I run because... I enjoy the scenery, it's a great way to challenge myself and other people think I am nut for doing it. -Scott @ScottLCaldwell

I run because... as a survivor of open heart surgery, it allows me to maintain a fit heart, clear my mind, and enjoy the outdoors, all within my own comfort zone. I can find my limit, push my limit, or relax my limit, because with running, there is no limit! -Kevin @KMKrawczuk

I run because... I'm addicted to running. I also run because I'm scared that if I stop I'll become fat again. -Jeff @jwind911

I run because... I am the most honest with myself in the moments and miles of a long run. I love myself the most; I forgive myself the most. Running strips away a certain amount of armor that we all have. I confess my deepest thoughts and feelings to running companions (real, or imaginary). Inevitably, I always feel at peace when I finish that final mile. -Mia @mrommel

I run because... of its amazing ability to alleviate stress, keep myself in shape, provide near-free entertainment and connect with an amazing running community. -Eric @carlsonem

I run because... I can't seem to stop. -Carolyn @22crusher

I run because... I love to compete. While I'll never have to worry about winning a race, the drive to compete for a new PR keeps me lacing up my shoes on a daily basis. -Denny @DizRuns

I run because...  I fell in love with proving to myself that I can do it! I continue to beat the negative remarks made to me with each mile I run and race I complete! -Brandy @OSUluvingirl

I run because... of the challenge and the sense of accomplishment. -Debra @doggiediva59

I run because... sometimes it's the only way to make the voices in my head shut up. It helped me lose 48 pounds and improve my health. I'm less of a jerk when I do and one day, there'll be zombies back there. -Krister @KristerDunn

I run because... it's a way I can honor my mother and help to change the lives of others affected by cancer. -Briana @easierthanchemo

I run because... running completely, positively changed my life. -Crystal @KCtoCapeCod

I run because... it's a way for me to stay happy, healthy and stress free. I want to be able to enjoy the life I've created for a long time and running helps me with that. I like the competition against others and myself that running allows me. Alisha, Caleb and Hannah ... my family. -Chuck @clswannie

I run because... it gives me strength in every aspect of my life. It pushes me past barriers I never thought possible and the other runners I have met inspire me to become my best self through running. Running has made me strong and taught me the value of pushing through even when times seem tough. -Karen @superwomankw

I run because... it makes me feel strong and exhilarated. I run because I meet interesting, positive people but also because it has allowed me to become comfortable with myself and appreciate my own company and "me" time. -Michelle @FineFettle

I run because... I want to remember a fantastic friend by raising money for cancer research. -Melissa @MileageMama

As for me, I run because... it's my passion.

Run hard!

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