Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Chronicles of Running

Forgive me blog god, for I have sinned. It has been 3 years since my last blog.

Some of you may know that I use to blog back in the day. I'm not sure why I stopped. It just sorta happened. At any rate, I've decided it's time start one up again... so here we are, or here I am, or.... whatever. Anyway, this time my blog is going to be a bit different. My blog is going to have more of a subject, and that subject is running. In the past, my blogs were mostly about my day to day life, which is riveting, I know. However, I don't intend on using this blog in that fashion. I'm going to view it more as my running journal... use it as a way to recap recent race experiences and just talk about running in general... like the time someone threw their spare change out their car window at me. Painful.

When I reminisce about my past races, I sorely regret not capturing those experiences in words. I've decided it's time to fix that!

Since running my first marathon back in January of 2008, my love for running has exploded. Heck, it's not even a love anymore, it's a passion. It's become part of my life and I love every second of it! Finding new challenges and pushing my body to the absolute limit is an irresistible crave, and I want more!

One runner I give special credit to for always inspiring me is Dean Karnazes. The guy is a machine! In fact, he just finished running across America earlier this month. In late February, he set off from Disneyland and ran, on average, 45 miles a day, for 75 days until he reached NYC. Incredible! In 2006, he ran 50 marathons, in all 50 states, in 50 consecutive days!

His 50/50/50 marathon challenge inspired me to do what I labeled my "12-in-12 Challenge" in 2010.

Late one night back in December of 2009, I was watching Dean's 50/50/50 documentary when I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be cool to run one marathon every month next year?" Heck, if Dean can run 50 back-to-back marathons, surely I could run one every month. Next thing I knew, I was toeing the line in late January down in Miami to run the Miami Marathon! The challenge was on!

2010 was an amazing year for me, and certainly a turning point in my running life. I traveled to so many amazing places I had never been to before. Sure, it got a bit expensive, but it was totally worth it. Money is meant to be spent, right? Some marathons I went to, I was alone. Others, I had company. It was a nice balance. My brother Matt ran his first marathon with me in Long Island, and I'm not ashamed to say that he kicked my ass!

12-in-12 Race Locations

January - Miami, FL

February - Pasadena, CA

March -  Washington, DC

April - New Holland, PA (near Lancaster)

May- East Meadow, NY (Long Island - Nassau County)

June - Seattle, WA

July - Wakefield, MA (near Boston) No medal for this one, I got a water bottle instead.

August - Titusville, PA (errr, middle of nowhere!)

September - Montreal, QC Canada

October - Arlington, VA

November - New York, NY

December - Charlotte, NC

Throughout the year, I found myself getting stronger. In fact, the best time I posted during the 12-in-12 was my last marathon in Charlotte. Our bodies are so much stronger than we really think and even more importantly, adaptable. Honestly, I started to get a bit impatient waiting for each marathon to come. I needed my monthly dose of marathon. Overall, it was an incredible experience and something I'll never forget! I came in to 2010 with 5 marathons under my belt and ended the year with 17. Crazy! I loved it!

That has brought me to this year and a whole new set of goals -- one of which I just achieved about a week and a half ago. On May 14th, I ran in my first ultra-run (any run over the marathon distance is considered an "ultra") in up-state New York with Matt. However, I will save my race recap for my next blog entry!

Until next time...


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  1. Love this blog Doug! You are truly amazing. This inspires me to puch my body more. Love you. Can't wait to read about the "ultra" xoxox