Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 Nuun Ambassdor - A new journey

When Nuun contacted me to inform me that I was selected to be an ambassador for them in 2013, I was stoked! Nuun is a product that I believe in and that I've been using in conjunction with my training for well over a year now. I had heard of Nuun, but never tried it until my friend Jocelyn sent me a tube of it so I could take pictures around DC for her 2012 Nuun Hood-to-Coast application video. It was a really cool video that you should watch. Like, right NOW! She sent me the Lemon-Lime flavor, which coincidentally is now my favorite.

Wait, you've never heard of Nuun? You can learn about it all on Nuun's website. But, in a nutshell, Nuun is a small, dissolvable tablet that once dropped into 16 ounces of water, becomes a delicious electrolyte enhanced drink, minus all the sugar. As I mentioned before, Lemon-Lime is my favorite flavor, but there are so many other great flavors you can choose from, such as: Lemonade, Tri-Berry, Grape, Orange, Fruit Punch, Citrus Fruit, and Kona Cola, to name a few. Go to to learn about all their other great flavors and products.

Here's what you'll get from one Nuun tablet:

Sodium (carbonates)
Potassium (bicarbonate)
Magnesium (sulfate)
Calcium (carbonate)
Vitamin C
Vitamin B2

360.0 mg
100.0 mg
25.0 mg
12.5 mg
19.0 mg
500 mc

I look forward to representing this awesome product in 2013 and I hope the next time you think about hydrating, you do it with Nuun! Stay hydrated!



  1. Congrats! Do people have to bow to you when they meet you? :P

  2. Congrats, Doug! That's pretty awesome!